Johny Vieira is an artist from Santa Cruz, Portugal, who started surfing over 20 years ago and has been constantly searching for inspiration, joy and energy in the sea.

Surfing has become his canvas, and through this connection he ventures into the world of art. Johny is dedicated to watercolor painting, where he skillfully captures the essence of surfing, the thrill of travel and the beauty of exploring empty line-ups.

But Johny's art is more than just a representation; it is a piece of his soul, a snapshot of a life full of freedom and dreams.

As a painter and surfer living a nomadic life in his caravan, Johny Vieira delves deep into the endless search for the perfect wave. His art reflects the endless spirit of adventure and beauty of the surfer lifestyle. Immerse yourself in his world and bring the energy of the sea and the dream of surfing into your home.

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