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At just 5 years old, Jeden was already out of the foam and surfing like a big boy. Today he is 12 years old and travels the world to the most beautiful spots on the planet. Jeden hasn't really chosen his side yet. Surfing, skateboarding and many others... a combination that suits him like a glove for the moment. 

As soon as there is breakfast, it's time for the weather forecast...

Jeden: "I look at the surf forecast to know if it's going to be good, afterwards I often look at the day before so if it's good the next day I wake up early to try to go surfing and therefore surf the best waves possible“.

He is trained by his coach Pedro, who has been with him regularly for two years and works hard with him.

Pedro: "Jeden compared to the other surfers, he was immediately at ease in big waves, waves that tube, powerful waves ... I have almost never seen him afraid of waves, because generally when we are young we are afraid when it's big, when it's powerful or a little too hollow and he loves it when it's hollow, he loves to go under the lip and try to make tubes. And that doesn't stop him from being very strong in the small waves too, so he's a complete surfer but he really has the advantage of not being cold"

From then on, no question of stopping, Jeden ride for 12/12 months and the fact that his family spends the summer in France and the winter in the Philippines obviously helps.

Jeden has just won the first competition of the departmental tour. And earlier in the season he also finished second in the regional round, which qualified him for the national final this summer.

At the skatepark, he trains with his family, accompanied by his little sister Addison and his father Daryl. And when the big guy takes a break, it's the little one who lays down his wave on the bowl.

Jeden:  "You're in a bowl, you're flowing a lot and it's like surfing an infinite wave. There are common tricks between skateboarding and surfing, the airs, when you see the professionals like Pedro Barros, he does giant airs 3'6' 5'140. You see the surfers like John John Florence, he does almost the same thing“

We are happy to have such a young talent like Jeden on board and to be able to accompany him in a sustainable way.


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