Iker Treviño

Iker Treviño x REBEL FINN

Iker Trevino spent most of his early years in the waves along the Basque Atlantic coast between Spain and France.

Now at the age of 21, Iker has said goodbye to the logging competition circuit and only follows his passion, fun and "playtime". And so Iker and REBEL FIN CO. found - away from the placement stress and competition mode, Iker now surfs a wide variety of boards and waves and will design, test and implement new fin setups with us.

Iker is a longboarder at heart and in 2019 also took part in various invitational events as a freesurfer in a very respectable way.

Vans Noseriding Jaja Zarautz: Finalist, Logger division
Laga Loggin Jaja: Finalist
Hawaii Single Fin Classics: Semi Finals
Zarautz Local Competition: 1st Position, Longboard Division

He was also part of the expression session at Duct Tape in his hometown of Zarautz with other guys like Ryan Burch, Alex Knost, Andy Nieblas and Joel Tudor.

We're looking forward to a hell of a good time with Iker and will have exciting stories to tell. 
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