Felix Schweizer | REBEL FIN CO.


Introducing Felix who hails from sunny Freiburg. He moved to Aachen to study architecture, and there he also discovered his passion for kitesurfing, which he regularly pursues on the coasts of The Netherlands.

When he's not studying or surfing, he uses the CAD and craft skills gained during his studies to design, build and test a variety of things. These creations include kite and surfboards, surfing accessories, furniture and various other bits and bobs. 

In the summer of 2020 he met Martin Weiß from Backwood. Felix has been supporting him on a mission to make surfing more sustainable ever since.

Luck would have it that Martin, Felix and Rebel Fin founder Rainer attended a surfboard building workshop in Hamburg, and the trio got chatting. That's where the idea of ​​developing a kiteboard fin made of recycled materials was first dreamt up. We quickly jumped on the project and before we knew it the plans were developed, the fin created and extensive testing began. We are immensely pleased with the final result and it will soon be available in our shop.

We are very happy to have Felix on the Rebel Fin Network and we’re looking forward to working on more projects together. 

We have already been able to realize one project together with Felix: the development of new kite fins.
Kiteboard Finnen designed by Felix Schweizer.
Wellcome to the Team!
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Felix Schweizer | REBEL FIN CO.