Fabian Panzer

Fabian Panzer | REBEL FIN CO.
Fabian has been on a board from a young age, first snowboarding, and quickly moving onto skateboarding too. However as a child his real passion was football. He spent all his free time on the football field with his dad and brother. However, after a couple of torn ligaments, Fabian hung up his boots and realised his football career was over. 
Frustrated but eager to find something to replace his hobby, Fabian turned his interests toward surfing. He first tried the sport in 2018 on the Floßlände in Munich before taking to the open sea in 2019. As a city boy, he’s been jumping in the Eisbach for daily training sessions since 2020.
Fabian is obsessed with mastering the sport and finding harmony in the water. He is happiest when sharing surfing with friends, be it queuing at the Eisbach or paddling out to the lineup in the ocean. 
When he’s not in the sea he’s making music. Together with his Bamberg music colleagues he plays bass in the AlternaCore band Thy Last Words.
Fabian is a core member of the Rebel team, testing and optimising our rapid surf gear on the river waves and wave pools in his home town.
His fascination with the water is coupled with his ever-increasing environmental awareness. Sustainability is his top priority in both surfing and day-to-day life, making Fabian a valuable and fitting member of the Rebel Fin team. He will help us to test and develop our river and rapid fins.