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Enola Locussol | Rebel Surf Co
Enola grew up on the Atlantic coast in Daoulas, in the heart of Brittany with its wild coasts. She's been surfing with her dad since she was little and by the time she was 14 she was completely hooked. To the fun came the ambition and in 2023, four years later, she won the Surf Brittany Championship on the SUP and also worked her way up to 10th place in the national longboard ranking. 

Thanks to her travel-loving family, she has already got to know one or the other distant surf spot, and her dream is to live and surf in Hawaii one day.

Needless to say, surfing takes up most of her life. But there is actually still room for other sports: She has a brown belt in judo, has been playing handball for eight years, loves surf skating and snowboarding and also likes to hang out in the gym. So it's no wonder that she's starting to study sports at the university in Brest this year.

Well, and then there's the other big passion - the music. She can play the guitar, ukulele and piano and loves to chill with friends, make music and sing.

Like so many of us, she is concerned about the ever-increasing threat to the seas and is fully aware of the surfing paradox that surfing, which is closely related to nature, involves a great deal of "plastic use".

We are therefore very happy to welcome Enola as a new ambassador and to be able to support her sustainably in the future.

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Enola Locussol | REBEL SURF CO