Emma Clamp

Emma Clamp | REBEL FIN CO.

Our first female kitesurfing ambassador is Emma Clamp, a true water woman. With water-sports mad parents she spent her entire childhood growing up by the water. Days were filled with surfing, sailing, swimming, surf lifesaving and coasteering with her brothers, sisters and parents. Emma said, “Our lives revolved around the ocean and the tides.”

She differentiates herself from most surfers as she loves the wind, as it means she gets to take part in her biggest passion: kitesurfing. "If it’s windy, I’ll be kitesurfing dawn 'til dusk! Waves or flat water, 13 knots or 30, 25 degrees or 5 - if there is wind - I’ll be there!"

Outside of kiting Emma loves exploring new coves, swimming in the sea, photography, skating, skiing and exploring the world. She’s full of energy, always smiling and a role model for girls looking to get into adventure sports. We’re really excited to see where this journey with Emma takes us, and watch her venture even further out into the world! 

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