Ellie Matthews

Ellie Matthews | REBEL FIN CO.

Inspired by flora, fauna and sacred geometry designs, Ellie works as an artist on the north coast of Cornwall, using pen and ink to create intricate mandala designs and detailed illustrations. 

When she’s not drawing, she also finds herself at peace either up mountains, swimming in the sea or running the coastal path along the Cornish coast. It wasn’t until she had her son that she discovered the joy of surfing. With an amazing choice of beaches near by for her to practice and get to know other mums, Ellie met a new friendship group in women who’d escaped to find some peace in the sea too! 

Loosing herself in creating her intricate drawings, in the sea air up on the Cornish cliffs or diving under the water all provide a sense of clarity and peace for Ellie that just can’t be matched. 

Taking part in beach cleans during lockdowns with her young son really brought home the amount of marine waste and micro plastics that are now washing up on our beaches. Working with Rebel Fins has opened her eyes to what can be achieved through the reworking and recycling of waste products to create something amazing and beneficial, giving hope for generations ahead. 

We are so happy to have Ellie in our Network of special people. She is part of a film project that’ll be released soon, the result of which will launch alongside a Cornish edition fin designed by Ellie. Watch this space! 

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