Elena Uskova Rebel Fin Co
Elena was born and raised in Russia in a relatively small town with a lot of culture, history and connection with nature. Her education and job led her to emigrate to Germany, where she began exploring Europe and the rest of the world. 10 years ago, Elena had never seen the ocean or heard of surfing, but after discovering the sport on a trip, she now couldn’t imagine her life without waves. At the moment she lives in the Canaries, where she has been settled for over three years, but she “considers herself a citizen of the world”.

Her weapons of choice are a retro fish twinny, a classic, performance longboard and a shortboard.

“I follow my dreams and do what I sincerely love in my life: my job as a language teacher, surfing, surf skating, travelling and sharing my passion with others.” Elena manages a community for women and children who want to skate, or learn to skate, and organises beach cleans with surf schools and friends. She also does yoga, loves fishing, and enjoys learning new languages. We’re stoked to have her on the Rebel Fin team!

Elena Uskova REbel Fin Co