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Cesar Torales | REBEL FIN CO

Born in Tumbes Peru, near the Pacific Ocean, Cesar Torales grew up alongside his five older sister in the 70s and 80s, in  a  time  of terrorism and dictatorship.

There were few opportunities available during this time, with little option to grow and explore freely. However, a constant for Cesar was the sea. From here he discovered his passion for surfing and photography, which became holistic work. Photography sparked within him an excitement for combing colours, style, design and graphics in tandem with surfing.

From then on, he spent his time in libraries, scouring the surf magazines that were too expensive to buy.

At 17 and addicted to surfing, Cesar left Peru for Brazil. There he learned Portuguese and began studying Graphic Design at the UFPE Art Centre, as well as attending a photography course.

For him, which he also described in his final thesis, there was an enormous value between the importance of graphic design and surf imagery in the magazines.  From then on, he concentrated on shooting surfing and worked for local surf magazines, which has made him into the person he is today.

After moving and living in the USE for a year, in 2001 he finally fulfilled his dream of going to Europe. Finding himself in Portugal, Cesar met the founder of Surf Portugal Magazine, and by the end of that first European summer they were working together.

Keen to continue travelling, Cesar took his photography to Berlin where he worked shooting portraits, underground and skate boarding, and meeting diverse people along the way. He now finds himself commuting between Europe and South America.

When asked what surfing means to him, Cesar said, “Surfing makes me feel good. It’s part of my life, my daily routine. Through surfing I got to know my limits and my consciousness more deeply. However, I also see how humans are polluting the sea and destroying Mother Earth, yet in the same breath I see how strong our planet and the seas are. I try to do good every day when I surf and collect any rubbish I find in the sea. For me, surfing is a culture, not just a board with a leash. I makes me more kind and patient. It purifies me from within and fills me with inner peace. That’s why I feel connected to Rebel Fin. Together we can help keep our planet cleaner and protected.”

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Cesar Torales | REBEL FIN CO