Camilo Abdula

Camilo Abdula | REBEL FIN CO.
Camilo Abdula lives in Sines, Portugal and competes in adaptive surfing and parasurfing championships. His parents are refugees from Mozambique, who left their home country in the 70s due to the Colonial War and settled in Portugal. 

Camilo said, “I am an adapted surfer, as I was born with a congenital disease in the left upper limb. I started surfing at the age of 13. Like everyone else in my generation I started by bodyboarding, influenced by my brother and friends.”

Prior to the competition circuit Camilo was a surf coach and national comp judge, but never wanted to compete himself. However, at 38 years old he was invited to join the national adapted surf team, having participated in the ISA ADAPTIVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018, for the first time, and taking 13th place.

Here his competitive surf career started. Camilo then took part in the EUROPEAN ADAPTIVE SURF 2019, in Viana do Castelo, scooping 2nd place. This year he participated in the ISA PARASURFING WORLD CHAMPIOSHIP 2022, where he reached the final and won 4th place.

“Surfing for me is a way of life, an escape from everyday stress. It's an honour to be an ambassador for Rebel Fins, as I love the fact that they make products from recyclable materials. I've been testing some of the fins already and I've been really enjoying surfing with them so far!”

We are proud to welcome Camilo on our ambassador team!


Competitions 2022:

  • ISA World Parasurfing Championship | 1st Place 🥇
  • European Parasurfing Championship | 1st Place  🥇
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