Mathieu Razavet


Mathieu, the creative mind from Brest!

Mathieu has always had an eye for visual art and is now rocking the scene with his "Automatique" artworks.

Originally from Brest, he immersed himself in the world of mural painting in the 90s and has since created a fascinating range of surface creations. His style? Acrylic, glycerin and aerosol paints, but recently he has dedicated himself entirely to hand-crafted linocuts - with impressive textures and contrasts.

Mathieu is not only an artist, but also a surfer with salt water in his blood. Hooked on riding the waves from Trestraou to Le Petit Minou, he listens to the sound of the surf for hours in search of the cleanest waves.

Over the years, the desire arose to combine both passions and so "Automatique" was born. "Automatique" is not just a name, but an idea, a concept in which all of Mathieu's interests find space: life, surfing and visual art.



We at REBEL are very pleased to have Automatique as an artist in our network and to present selected works. 

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