Astrid Nilsson | REBEL FIN CO
Swedish surfer Astrid has a passion for all things ocean-related. She’s an avid cold water slider, kiteboarder and photographer and loves to get in the sea with her in-water housing. She’s part of a group of cold-water local-girls who spend their time surfing, cheering each other on, inspiring others to join them and having fun. Astrid is also really active on the skate scene, fighting for a strong female community and doing what makes her smile. After hearing stories and witnessing women being mocked when they try board sports, Astrid said, “this has to change, and I would like to be a part of it.”

We are going to work alongside Astrid to reach more women (and men) and in the cold-water surfing community in Sweden, and further afield. “I want to show and empower other women that no matter your age, background or ethnicity, having fun on a board is for everyone!”

Astrid dreams of tropical surf trips (like most of us!) and is going to document her surfing journey and collaboration with Rebel through her surf photography.

She also believes that recycling, sustainability and the environment can’t be talked about enough - we agree. “One person can’t do everything but everyone can do something,” are words that she lives by, and Astrid is always doing beach cleans and spreading the message of planet positivity.

We’re stoked to have another team rider in the Rebel Fin ambassador crew and we’re excited to see where Astrid’s photography, travels and water-women clubs take us together!

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Astrid Nilsson | REBEL FIN CO.