Anna Kaps


Water sports have always been a big part of Kaps family life. Anna lives with her parents and siblings near Berlin and together they windsurf, swim and dive. Three years ago, during a family holiday in Fuerteventura, Anna discovered surfing. She was hooked from the first lesson and from then on spent her family holidays on the beaches of Spain, France, Portugal, South Africa and Cape Verde, surfing as much as possible. 

At home, Anna skates the Berlin hotspots and regularly trains at the Wellenwerk Berlin wave pool. Even though Anna has only been surfing for a relatively short time, through energy, passion and commitment, she scored a place at the semi-finals of the German Championships at the Wellenwerk - hats off to her! 

Even after all this success in the city, the sea is where Anna feels most free, independent and at one with nature. When she’s waiting for the next wave with her friends in the line-up, Anna can sum up her love of the sport easily: experiencing the elements, embracing the surfing community, and speed. “Surfing has given my life a whole new and immensely positive direction.”

Anna knows from first-hand experience how much plastic waste washes ashore. Protecting nature and living sustainably are focal points in the Kaps family’s life and Anna is acutely aware that she must take care of the thing that provides her with so much joy: the ocean. 

We are stoked to supply Anna with our recycled thruster fins. The topic of recycling is close to her heart and she actively supports us in the further development of our sustainable range of surfing accessories. She is also a core member of the Rebel team, testing and optimising our rapid surf gear on the river waves and wave pools in her home town.

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