2023 💥


 Monday 2 January

I woke up at Simon's, my Welsh mate. Well, I woke up in my truck outside Simon's house. He bought a dilapidated cottage in September Everything has to be redone but the view is splendid, and there is no noise other than the cows. 

Louis Memain Rebel Fin Co

I wanted to leave early to ring the bell of a farmer who had offered me a job. 
It took me an hour to get out of bed. It was -4C this morning, and when it is -4 outside, it is the same inside. The truck cuts me off from the wind, but not from the cold. I may have insulated it, but I have no partition between the front and the back, and still no heating. The most important thing is not to be cold when you sleep. 

In the end, there was no work for me, which was good for me because I could see my favourite wave from his farm. It worked really well. I spent 3 hours in the water, under the sun and sometimes in the shade, in the tube. 
Hot shower at the local bar, and a (single) pint. 



Tuesday 3rd January
Warmest day for 3 weeks, 9C! No really, it was nice, especially when you wake up and get out of bed. 

Louis Memain Rebel Fin Co

Mushy waves but I got some info on spots 2 hours away by talking to a local. 
Walks under a light rain. 

I finished "Une vie à coucher dehors" by Tesson. 
Good booze this evening listening to radio programmes, under a driving rain which rocks the truck.


Wednesday 4th January

I started the previous year with a knee infection that lasted a month and a half in Mexico, it was really hard.

New year in Ireland? Scabies! FUCK! 

Well, I'm catching it pretty quickly so that should do it. I start treatment tomorrow. The girl I'm seeing has it too. 

It's impossible to know where I got it. A handshake is enough, it seems. It's itchy all over but not enough to keep me awake, that's the next stage apparently. 

Happy New Year!