The Cornish Collaboration

The Cornish Collaboration

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Author: Lottie Lewis
In Cornwall, a peninsula surrounded by the wild Atlantic Ocean, live a number of sea loving, wave sliding, cold water dipping creatives. The north coast of Cornwall breeds inspiration in abundance, and many of the souls that reside here are freelance by name and nature. Meet Clare, Ellie and Lottie, three self-employed women who choose to live life outside, amongst the elements, immersed in the ocean and following their passions. The three girls got together for Rebel Fins to create something special. An autumnal ode to the lives they live, the art they make and the waves they ride. Introducing The Cornish Collaboration, a 2 part surf short featuring everything they love about Cornwall and creating, soundtracked by our wonderful friends Scotch & Water of DevilDuckRecords. Meet the girls behind the short…

Clare, an in-water and lifestyle photographer, has been capturing salty moments for a decade. She says, “Working for sustainable, innovative and environmentally conscious brands such as Rebel is one of my favourite parts of my job. Getting creative on-land and in-water alongside other local creatives, writer and surfer Lottie Lewis and talented illustrator Ellie Matthews, is inspiring and lots of fun. Part 1 of the video series will be released shortly and Part 2 featuring the Cornish Fin design by Ellie will be following close behind. Thanks so Scotch and Water for the beautiful music. We can’t stop listening to Floralia!”

Ellie is an artist, specialising in intricate mandalas and fine line drawing. Ellie said, “My drawings began as a form of escapism when my mental health wasn’t at it’s best. For me, worries are left behind as soon as I pick my pens up. Getting into the ocean has exactly the same effect; sometimes relaxing, sometimes exhilarating but always clarifying, so it was amazing to have Rebel Fins approach me for their Cornish collaboration. Both Rebel, and my fellow creators on this project, share an ethos of keeping things sustainable, a love for the sea and an appreciation of just how important both creativity and the outside world are for our mindsets. To take care of ourselves and our surroundings can run parallel, as there is definitely a huge amount of symbiosis between the two.”

Lottie is a freelance writer, lending her services to Rebel Fins and others when they are lost for words. At Rebel Fins she creates blog posts and social schedules, makes sure nothing gets lost in translation on our webpages and casts her eye over the monthly newsletter. Lottie said, “I love nothing more than cold water swimming, cruising at sunrise on offshore days and hiding in nature. For this project I stepped in as on-screen wave-slider and made use of my beloved rainbow coloured 5’11 Diplock single fin, paired with the Rebel 9” recycled Carbon longboard fin. In Part 2 of The Cornish Collaboration film I’ll swap in Ellie’s new single fin design and I can’t wait to be creating alongside the girls again.”

Together the three women have created The Cornish Collaboration. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as they enjoyed making it.