Surf Festival und Wettbewerb "Nova Surf Club"

The Nova Surf Club Festival and Competition

By Laura Nederkorn

In 2022 we sponsored the Nova Surf Club Festival in Portugal for the first time. It was an exciting opportunity to share our enthusiasm for surfing in a place where diverse people and cultures come together to create a new community. We spoke with Katja (a student and member of the club) to find out more about the background of the surf event and explain how you can become a part of the community yourself.

Who and what is behind the Nova Surf Club?

The Nova Surf Club is run by students from the Nova School of Business and Economics in Carcavelos, Lisbon. Our goal is to connect young people through surfing and other water sports. The Nova Surf Club makes surfing accessible to all Nova SBE students* by organising events around surfing. From surf trips, parties and surf sessions to competitions, summits and talks.

How did the club come into being?

NSC was founded by former national champion and Nova Alumni, Francisca Santos.

When did you start hosting a surf competition and with what mission?

The surf competition was held in 2017. Since then, we have constantly been developing the competition and try to organise one every semester (twice a year). Due to COVID the contest could not take place for a few years. However, we have come back from the break more motivated and stronger. We learn more with every surf contest and it is impressive to see what motivated students who share the same passion can achieve, alongside studying full time. 

The surf contest aims to promote not only surfing and the associated lifestyle, but also the social aspect and networking within the Nova University community. At the same time, the contest provides visibility for our partners*.

Tell us about the most recent event. 

The 6th version of the Nova Surf Contest was held as a surf festival in Costa de Caparica (near Lisbon) on 8th October 2022. For the first time, the contest was held as a day festival. In the process, our vision expanded into a larger initiative involving more than 15 universities in the Lisbon region. The surf festival included, amongst other things, two surf competitions, yoga and workout classes, a volleyball tournament, a beach market and a sunset closing party. Proceeds from the events will be donated.

Who can participate in your event?

Students* from Nova University - international students as well as alumni can participate in the surf competition. The festival is open to everyone, and everyone is welcome to watch the surf competition, stroll through the beach market, participate in the workouts or just enjoy the atmosphere and music on the beach. At our surf competition in October, more than 500 athletes* participated and more than 1000 visitors* attended.

Do you already have something planned for 2023?

In 2023 we want to organize another surf competition/ festival. We are still amazed by the amount of positive feedback and resonance from the last surf festival and are excited to kick off the new year. This time we want to improve and surpass our last competition. We are always learning and are looking forward to holding our next surf event in spring (probably in May). 

How can others participate?

Previously, you could register for the surf contests online via Instagram or on our website. Tickets for the Sunset Party could be purchased directly from the organiser "Hungry4". No tickets are needed for the day time beach market or to be a spectator. Everyone is welcome, which aligns with our motto and goal: to connect people through surfing and create a community. 

All information about the upcoming Nova Surf Club Event 2023 can be found on social media and on the Nova Surf Club website.