Strandet X Rebel Fins

Strandet X Rebel Fins

STRANDET’s mission is to make the sea plastic free. We are proud to support our friends in Denmark to recycle and repurpose the ocean plastic they collect from their local beaches.

Julie Muller and Jens Wilhelm Jordensen, who make up STRANDET, believe local efforts can create global changes, and we agree. They organise beach cleans and collect marine litter, recycling what they find into new products. So far they’ve removed over 10,000kg’s of waste from the west coast of Denmark, and they hope to reach global shores too, by raising awareness of plastic pollution.

You can now find Rebel Fins at the STRANDET.lab on the northwest coast of Denmark in Nørre Vorupør, made from marine plastic found on the local beaches! (You can also support this awesome company by purchasing the fins from their website.) We have loved collaborating with the crew at STRANDET to create fins through a truly closed-loop production cycle. Our surf fins are made from marine plastic, and all the plastic was collected from the beaches in Denmark. Our factory is powered using green energy and we didn’t need to use any virgin plastic. Better still, we are taking something damaging out of the ocean and turning it into something else that is used to enjoy and appreciate it instead! It’s said that we protect what we love, and the more people who love the sea, hopefully the more plastic pollution we can keep out of it!

The STRANDET.lab is so much more than just a shop. It’s also a test laboratory, coffee kiosk, showroom, production line and information centre. The crew that run it are incredibly passionate about protecting our ocean, and know that the most powerful resource we have is education. The more people who know about the problem and care about helping, the more plastic litter we can keep out of our ocean and clean up from our beaches.

Seperate from the STRANDET.lab you’ll find the BEACH.lab. This is where the nitty gritty happens: marine plastic collected from the beaches and ocean is brought here to be sorted, cleaned and processed into granules, which are then made into new, useful products. The team also make filaments for 3D printers from the pollution!

We are stoked to have created surfboard fins for STRANDET from the plastic that they collected. Check out their charity, show them some love, do a beach clean, tell your friends and maybe even grab a set of fins too! Available as FCS1.