REBEL SURF COMPANY supportet die Rapid Surf League

REBEL SURF COMPANY supports the Rapid Surf League

River surfing has been around since the 70s, but this stepchild of surf culture has now developed into a respectable sport. In the last 20 years, the natural surf spots have been joined by a whole host of man-made rapids and surfing is possible almost everywhere on river waves or indoor pools.

An independent culture with strong self-confidence has developed and since 2018 the best surfers have been competing annually in the Rapid Surf League. Season after season, the RSL tours the numerous rapid surf spots and determines the top notch rapid surfers.

We are completely stoked to be able to support the RSL at four events in 2024 with our sustainable Rapid Surf Fins. But we are just as stoked that some of our Ambassadors will be taking part and of course we are keeping our fingers crossed for them to finish at the top.

We will accompany each event with a blog entry and tell you about the most important events.


9.3.24 | L&T Hasewelle Pro | Osnabrück
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27.4.24 | The Riverwave Surf Open | Ebensee, Austria

1.6.24 | RSL Berlin Pro | Wellenwerk, Berlin

8.6.24 | RSL Hannover Pro | Enercity Leinewelle, Hannover