Malin Sjöstedts "Natural Material Artworks"

Malin Sjöstedt's "Natural Material Artworks"

With Malin, we not only welcome a new REBEL SURF Ambassador, but also a new artist to our ever-expanding network. She comes from Österlen in Sweden and her works are a fascinating fusion of art and nature. As a passionate surfer and nature lover, she finds inspiration in the waves of the ocean and the vast landscapes of her homeland.

Her art rests on three pillars: photography, painting and organic art painting, based on marine and sustainability research. With her eye for beauty and passion for the environment, Malin creates works of art that celebrate the connection between humans and nature.

Malin's art is unique. She calls her works Nature Material Artworks and uses self-made, extremely sustainable organic plastics made from natural raw materials. “Organic plastic is, simply put - home-cooked plastic. A mix of water, glycerol, potato starch, and gelatine/agar agar slowly cooked together. It gets flexible and very resistant, but can also (if not treated with wax) dissolve into water again without doing any harm to humans or nature. This is just one of the materials I have experimented with during the past three years. Others are mycelium, kombucha scooby, and coffee- and clay leather,” explains Mali.

Malin Sjöstedt Bioplastics | REBEL SURF CO.

These bio-plastics are applied in liquid form to a Plexiglas plate and allowed to flow until they finally harden. The resulting flowing shapes evoke associations with sand, wind and waves, with the different colors and textures resulting from the different raw materials.

Malin Sjöstedt Alska | REBEL SURF CO.

Malin Sjöstedt Alaska Materials | REBEL SURF CO.

Through her art, Malin not only aims to create aesthetic beauty, but also raise awareness of environmental issues. She firmly believes that we can find ways out of the environmental crisis. “If we start taking interest in climate smart solutions, we can find a way to co-exist in harmony with nature again. This is what I want my art to awaken. This is why I choose organic materials” emphasizes Malin.

Her persuasiveness and positive attitude are also reflected in her answer to the question of why she chose this art form. "Why do I do this? I believe we as humans are flexible and smart. We can’t undo but we surely can redo. We are solution-orientated. And we want to do good," she explains.

Malin's art is more than just aesthetically pleasing - like all artists, it is a reflection of her values ​​and beliefs. Through her unique approach, she inspires others to think about their relationship with nature and actively seek sustainable solutions. In a world struggling with environmental challenges, Mali's art reminds us that we are all part of a larger community - a community committed to protecting and preserving our precious nature.

Malin Sjöstedt SKY | REBEL SURF CO.

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