Choosing New Directions

Choosing New Directions

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Author: Lottie Lewis

A film by Philip Sigmund, featuring Finn Springborn and Freja Kristensen

“Most of the things floating in the ocean are considered trash, but we like to think of the rubbish that comes from the sea and lays on the beaches as resources.”

Our friend Philip Sigmund, a freelance filmmaker from Germany, sat down with Rebel Fin founder Rainer Uhl to find out why he has chosen new directions, the past, present and future of the company, and how he finds a positive in the ocean pollution problem.

In this new short film Sigmund has captured the beauty of the ocean, contrasting with the detrimental affect of marine plastic pollution. Rebel Fin aims to combine the two, finding positive in the negative, and reutilising ocean plastic to create new products.

“The name Rebel Fins was born from the idea of making a difference and going against the stream,” Rainer tells Philip, “so we started making the first shapes and experimenting with different materials like recycled fishing nets and recycled carbon.”

Philipp has 20 years of experience behind the camera and is a passionate surfer and outdoor adventurer. Over the past few years, he has made a name for himself through high quality and professionally produced projects that show his love for details and the rough North. He is always striving for the perfect shot, be it on land or submerged with a water-housing.

Featuring surfers Finn Springborn and Rebel Fin ambassador Freja Kristensen, both using Rebel fins, the in-water shots depict dreamy scenes of sliding and slicing through the ocean, incorporated with factory and processing shots to show the journey from marine plastic to production to final outcome.

You’ll spot Hurley sponsored German surfer Finn Springborn in this short film. Finn is a second generation surfer who grew up in the most northern town of Germany. Hooked on cold-water surfing, you’ll find him regularly roaming the chillier parts of the world with a tight group of likeminded friends in search of empty perfection.

Freja, hailing from cold Hawaii in Denmark, has been on the Rebel team since the beginning. Whilst the ocean is her ‘happy place’ she also surfs competitively, scooping wins on the Danish Surf Tour and she aims to compete throughout Europe soon too.

We hope this short film inspires you to see the good in the bad, and to branch out in your own new directions as the year progresses.


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