For Sanna, she’s never more comfortable than when she’s surfing. It’s a time when all her problems feel solved, everything makes sense and she is surrounded by only good things. The sea is more than just a place to surf and she couldn’t imagine life without it. Sanna believes that if more people surfed, there would be more people consciously caring for our planet. 

Sanna loves the surf community and the people she meets whilst travelling in search of the perfect wave. “We all share a love and passion for the oceans and our planet.”

She firmly believes that less is more. Since travelling, Sanna has become aware of what she truly needs to live ‘the good life’, and knows that she can part with things that no longer hold value for her. Life for Sanna is all about experiences, not possessions, and she knows that the whole world benefits from the simple choices that we make as individuals. 

Later this year Sanna hopes to create an online space for women on her Instagram @heroddtales. This platform will promote craftsmanship, plus the protection of our natural habitat, to bring women back to the roots of a shared meaningful life. 

Sanna has joined forces with Rod and the Lisbon Crooks to create a specially shaped surf board that will soon be available in our Rebel shop.

We are stoked to have Sanna on the team and are excited to move forwards together! 


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