Spendenaufruf für unseren Ambassador Paco

Ambassador Paco needs your donation

REBEL SURF Ambassador Paco is struggling with serious back problems and has some surgeries coming up for which he urgently needs financial support. Read his girlfriend Isis' call for donations and support him as best you can. The link to the donation page is at the bottom.

Hello , 
I'm appealing to your generosity today for my boyfriend. 
Since January 2023, his state of health has compromised many of our projects.
He had to undergo emergency back surgery.
 After 5 months of convalescence, including 2 months bedridden at home, we thought everything was behind us.
Unfortunately, since July the problem has returned, forcing him to stop working again.

A new, more serious operation is planned for the near future, this time with 6 months' convalescence, including 3 months in a nursing home.

The surgeons are talking to us about laser surgery, which is more expensive and not yet widely used in France (Belgium/Switzerland), but which would shorten the convalescence period.
In addition to the pain and low morale, and despite France's remarkable health service, all these medical procedures have a cost, and unfortunately not everything is covered.

We hope to be able to count on your support to help him recover in the best possible conditions and going back in the water soon
 Paco Elissalde Donatoin